We've all known one person who runs a tight schedule and is very particular about the rules in their own home.

But one landlord has taken the cake after writing a list of extreme rules for his tenants, leaving the internet thinking they're living in a prison cell.

Taking to social media, North Carolina woman Jessica Marteny posted a photo of the "terms and conditions" she found from a landlord while searching for a place to live.

While some of the regulations are reasonably fair, like respect the noise limit and keep the property clean, but there are a number of other rules that have left prospective tenants shaking their heads in disbelief.


According to the listing, the landlord has banned all guests from the property, and says anyone giving you a lift home must stop at the top of the driveway or they will be considered to be trespassing and appropriate action will be taken.

Drinking alcohol is also banned.

You're not allowed to adjust the thermostat or use a space heater, and if tenants get cold they can use an extra blanket.

The landlord has specifically stated no cooking between 9.30pm and 6am during the week, or between 9.30pm and 9.30am on the weekends. If you're keen for a late night snack or an early fry-up, looks like you'll have to wait.

Is this most extreme landlord yet? Photo / Jessica Marteny
Is this most extreme landlord yet? Photo / Jessica Marteny

The 10 demanding rules continues: "YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN toiletries and hygiene products. DO NOT use anyone else's.

"If the bathroom is out of items buy your own, DO NOT use paper towels as it clogs the septic system unless you want to pay for a plumber.

"Windows must remain closed at all times while the heat or air-conditioning is on.

"There will be a $10 late fee if rent is not paid on time even if it's the next day.


"If any of these terms are broken at any time you will be asked to leave immediately, and therefore forfeiting paid deposit and any prepaid rent. By signing this you are agreeing to these terms."

Following Marteny's post, the majority of people hit out at the landlord, with one person asking: "Is this guy renting a prison cell?"

Others questioned whether any tenants with partners would be allowed to invite them over.

While most readers were shocked at the rules, one did defend the landlord saying "his house his rules. You know what you're signing up for".