An Australian mum was left baffled after her son's school teacher told her to stop sending homemade biscuits in his lunchbox, unless "there's enough for everyone" in his class.

The mother expressed her frustration on Facebook after being told she couldn't send biscuits to school because it was "difficult for the other children".

The teacher reportedly wrote a note that she sent to the mother.

"Dear Mummy," the note said. "Can you please avoid sending cookies unless there is enough for everyone. It's difficult for the other children when one has treats. Thank you."


"I was horrified but didn't lose sleep over it, I figured I'd talk to the teacher the next day and see what she meant," the mum said on Facebook.

The following day, the teacher informed her that her biscuits violated the school's policy on sweet treats.

"She said it was 'policy that homemade goods aren't encouraged unless there was enough to share with everyone,'" the mum said, as reported by The Sun.

If the biscuits had been bought in a store, that would have been fine.

"She just kept saying it was policy and that the parent committee runs the policies so I'd need to take it up with them," the mum added.

Facebook users were outraged by the school's policy on home baking.

"This is absolutely ridiculous! Why are they shutting down a parent supplying a child with decent food? As a teacher I am constantly battling the opposite way, I can't imagine discouraging home baked goods. Keep fighting the good fight," someone commented.