Valentine's Day will be extra special for one tourist couple after they got engaged in Rotorua's treetops last week.

The United States couple had been dating for six years and were on holiday in Rotorua when Adam Korn popped the question.

It took months of planning to get there as Korn booked a private tour with Rotorua Canopy Tours and worked across datelines to plan the moment, going back and forth about how to make the proposal as romantic and memorable as possible.

He asked his now fiancee Tina Mosaferi on the last platform of the tour.


The lead guide held the ring for the two-hour tour, and the tail guide provided Mosaferi with a mysterious envelope labelled "please read immediately" before she flew into the final stop.

The envelope included a romantic letter from Korn letting her know he was planning something.

When she zip-lined on to the final platform Korn was on one knee, much to Mosaferi's surprise.

"I was not expecting this at all! This was the most romantic and beautiful setting to start our lives together. It's going to be hard to find a wedding venue to top this!" she said.

The couple celebrated with a glass of champagne in the treetops.

Canopy Tours staff member Eloise Roxburgh was elated and said the team had been nervous and excited about the day.

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"When Adam first got in touch I was so excited to help him plan the event. It's an honour to host such a monumental occasion, so we wanted to pull out all the stops for them. I'm so happy she said yes."

The proposal took place on the final platform of the tour. Photo / Supplied
The proposal took place on the final platform of the tour. Photo / Supplied