A gymnast has stunned the internet with a video of herself turning upside down and "inside out" in the tiny confines of an airplane seat.

Stefanie Millinger, 25, shared footage twisting herself into positions impossible for the majority of us, in what appeared to be an extreme mid-flight stretch out.

The Instagram travel account Passenger Shaming shared the now-viral contortion video which has been viewed over 241, 000 times on the account's page and another 274,000 on Millinger's personal page.

Performing an intense back bend, she extends the position to rest her head on the seat - not exactly how 99 per cent of passengers would settle in for a flight.


Abiding by in-flight safety requirements, the Austrian gymnast moves to fasten her seatbelt and wrap her arms around her ankles - now dangling over her head. Then she glances at the camera with a surprisingly casual smile, appearing at ease in her extreme pose.

According to The Sun, Millinger was on a flight to Poland.

When Passenger Shaming shared the video, they wrote "PRO TRAVEL TIP: Wear your seatbelt on the plane! If this lovely girl can manoeuvre her body into one, I think you can too. We don't want you injured, folks. The crew is your friend. #notshaming #shesadorable."

Instagram users were quick to react: "Ouch," one wrote.

"Why does this make me want to vomit?" another added.

"Were there jugglers, clowns and lions as well?" one joked.

"I'll bet the air hostesses love this sort of behavior," another chimed in.