An Auckland boy wrote a heartwarming note to his neighbour after accidentally losing his balls over the fence.

A Kiwi on Reddit posted a photo of the "wholesome" handwritten note and chocolate saying that their friend in Mt Albert received them both from Reuben last night.

The boy explained in the heartfelt note how he lost some sport equipment in his neighbour's backyard and kindly asked for them to be returned.

"There maybe a couple of balls in your backyard. Would you mind throwing them over your back hedge please," he wrote.


And just like in the ad campaign, he also gave his neighbour a box of Roses to thank them for giving his toys back.

"PS. There may also be a frisbee. Chocolates to say thanks."

Photo / Reddit
Photo / Reddit

People intrigued with the story eagerly wanted to know if the boy got his balls back.

The Reddit poster responded jokingly: "Of course! The frisbee is a keeper though. You need to give Whittaker's to get the frisbee back."

The friend of the neighbour told the Herald that two balls and a frisbee has been retrieved but "one ball is still missing in action."

Some commenters reminisced over times they played in their backyards as kids and how they retrieved lost balls from their next door neighbours.

"When we were kids, over the fence is six runs and out. But everyone just jumped each other's fences to get their ball back.

"Or if we didn't know them, maybe knocked on the front door first to see if they're home, then if not, just went into the backyard and grabbed it," one wrote.

Another said: "Good approach. Growing up in East Auckland, I once kicked a ball into my neighbour's backyard. On my way over to ask them for the ball back, I made eye contact with the person through their kitchen window. She immediately closed the curtains."