Couples spend a lot of time thinking about what song they would like to play at their wedding but no time at all thinking about what song should mark their divorce day ... until now, that is.

A Twitter thread got social media users all over the world thinking about what song they would like to play on the day of their divorce.

Twitter user Eric Alper posted the question: "We all know the really popular songs played at weddings. If we played songs at divorces, what songs would be popular?"

The original post led to more than 1700 replies.


"My mum listened to I feel good by James Brown when her divorce was finalised," a Twitter user replied.

"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) since it's actually about a breakup, which is why it's awkward to hear it played at graduation ceremonies," someone else replied.

Someone else suggested We are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift.

Fleetwood Mac also has a memorable divorce-appropriate song.

And even Bowie could play on divorce day.

Queen gets a mention too.