A new squad of toy reviewers is being set loose on the hottest toys of the summer season, using their expertise to help parents make winning choices as Christmas looms.

Department store Farmers has appointed 12 official members to its new Toy Squad, who will test and review toys on camera.

The toy experts are aged between 4 and 11, and were selected from more than 250 video entries sent in by Kiwi kids.

For twins Lucy and Mackenzie Boderick, being part of the Toy Squad was the best job imaginable.


The 5-year-olds from Masterton spent a lot of time on YouTube watching other toy reviewers.

"I really like getting the free toys," Lucy said.

The responsibility wasn't taken lightly - she said she tried "really hard" with the reviews.

MacKenzie said her favourite toy at the moment was the Zuru Rainbocorn.

Mum Kristin Boderick described the gig as a win-win.

"They were so excited," she said.

"It's every kid's dream, isn't it, to be trying new toys and having them delivered."

For their winning video entry, Kristin recorded the twins reviewing a pair of Scruff-A-Luvs - toys they received for their fifth birthday.


After the twins' selection, they were sent a Rainbowcorn each to review - this was part of a selection of reviews collated for the leadup to Christmas.

The Farmers Toy Squad reviews range from highly knowledgeable to extremely cute. Photo / Farmers
The Farmers Toy Squad reviews range from highly knowledgeable to extremely cute. Photo / Farmers

Following their first review, the twins would receive toys to inspect when they were released - if Farmers thought they were the best reviewers for the job.

Kristin had watched the girls becoming enthralled watching other toy reviewers online, and figured they may as well give it a crack themselves.

"Being twins they've always been quite good at playing with each other," she said.

"So doing the video was quite good, as they have each other to bounce around ideas about the toys."

Another Toy Squad member was 7-year-old Joshua Egersdorfer.

He had just completed his first review, too. The animated video of him cracking into the Treasure X Chest whilst talking us through the toy is live on the Farmers' website.

Farmers merchandise manager Rob Taurima said the concept was about trying to increase engagement with consumers.

"We know YouTube videos around this type of content are really popular with kids of that age, so it made sense to produce something that was in a format our customers want to see."

Taurima said there was a lot of credit that came from peer-to-peer reviews.

Toys that Taurima expected to be top-selling stocking stuffers, included the LOL Surprise range and Razor Turbo Jetts.

Farmers top 10 toys of 2018

• Furreal Ricky, Trick Loving Pup
• Hairdorables
• VTech Fantasy Unicorn
• Lego World of Wizards Hogwarts Great Hall
• PJ Masks HQ Playset
• Leap Frog Leappad Ultimate get ready for school bundle
• Really Rad Robots RC Mibro
• Pomsies
• Zuru Rainbocorns
• Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Blonde