Shaming poor drivers is a popular trend — but sometimes it helps to know the target's story before you pen that vicious note.

Emma Gearing was furious after she returned to her parked vehicle after visiting the doctor to find a note accusing her of parking in a disabled spot without proper reason.

"Laziness is not a disability," the note reads. "Using a disabled badge when you don't need it could cost you £2,000 and permanent removal of the badge. Don't take your good health for granted."

The 26-year-old mum slammed the culprit as "heartless" on Facebook.


❌Not all disabilities are visible❌ I don't broadcast things like this but when it comes to my child i will.. to the...

Posted by Emma Gearing on Tuesday, 6 November 2018

It turns out her son Reggie has several medical conditions and needs to be fed through a peg inserted into his stomach.

"I think it is disgusting how people can judge too quickly," she wrote. "Pushchair, walking, wheelchair whatever is used you should never ever judge anyone!! I feel so sorry for anyone who has gone through this themselves."

She said medical disabilities are "not always obvious", and that she hoped the writer would see the post and learn that.

Ms Gearing also said she wants her response to go viral. It's received over 100 shares on Facebook.