A retired Tauranga couple has a mystery on their hands - who came to the rescue of 82-year-old Sylvia Lawrence?

David Lawrence has sought the help of the Bay of Plenty Times to find the couple who stopped to help his wife Sylvia on October 29 after she blacked out in the front yard.

David said his wife collapsed at the front of their Otumoetai Rd property about 7pm, moments after they both began looking for their neighbour's cat.

"It's like a miracle that a couple driving passed spotted Sylvia who was partly slumped over underneath a camellia bush near our front porch," he said.


David, also aged 82 and who has been married to Sylvia for 62 years, said it did not bear thinking about what might have happened if the good Samaritans had not seen his wife.

"I was stunned when the man came around the corner and told me that Sylvia had told them she had called out several times but I didn't hear her because I was in the backyard.

"After Sylvia came to she was quite dazed, trembling and kept complaining she was cold. Her legs were going into spasms, and she was having difficulty talking and feeling sick.

"I was in such a tizz when I saw Sylvia in this state. I'm useless in medical emergencies so I'm so grateful to the woman who spotted her and took control of the situation."

Sylvia, who was hospitalised overnight, said she had no idea how long she was unconscious but when she came to the unknown other couple were helping her.

"The woman who helped care for her was especially fantastic, " David said.

"She helped my wife to sit up, got a blanket, a sick bowl and her husband called the ambulance. They both looked after Sylvia so well until the ambulance staff arrived."

David said he could not speak highly enough about these "good Samaritans", and wanted them to make contact again so he and his wife could say thank you.

He believed the woman was a retired police officer and the other couple lived locally.

Sylvia said, while not badly injured apart from a scratch on her hand and painful right side, she was having to take things slowly after her unexpected heavy fall.

After a barrage of tests, the exact reason for her blackout was undetermined, she said.

"I'm still getting over the shock of what happened. I would to love to personally thank this wonderful couple for all they did for me and David that day."