The little boy who stole the show from the royals in Dubbo yesterday is continuing to make hearts melt around the country.

Luke Vincent, 5, appeared on the Today show this morning as his school principal Anne Van Dartel again discussed the gorgeous moment Luke met Prince Harry and stroked his beard.

It was a moment that everyone was talking about yesterday, and brought Today host Georgie Gardner to tears live on air.

"I think I'm going to cry," Gardner said on Thursday morning. "He is a beautiful soul."


Luke, a Buninyong Public School student, stole the spotlight from Harry and wife Meghan Markle yesterday with a single hug.

Somehow Luke got past security and cameras caught the sweet moment Harry bent down to give him a big hug.

"The staff, they are so excited about this," Van Dartel told the Today show. "I think this really pats him on the back for all the hard work they do. I enjoy coming to work every day it's the best.

"It's such a special thing for our students and the community to know that people care, and I think it's that out reach and the caring environment that we all live in.

"I think my friend Luke embodies that whole notion of acceptance and kindness and innocent and beauty."

Five year old Luke Vincent even scored a hug from Meghan. Photo / Getty Images
Five year old Luke Vincent even scored a hug from Meghan. Photo / Getty Images

Luke's moment went global, with social media users taking to Twitter to show their admiration for him and the royals.

"Well isn't Luke Vincent just hurting ovaries all over the world right now with a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hugs and beard stroking," one person wrote.

"And today's winner of the worlds heart goes to #LukeVincent," another added.

Van Dartel explained in an interview with 7 News that Luke loved beards, which was why he was drawn to Prince Harry's face.

"Luke's favourite person is Santa Claus … and now it's Prince Harry," she said. "Luke waited beautifully today and waited for Prince Harry and Princess Meghan to come to us. And he even brought her flowers."

Van Dartel said when Luke first reached out to Harry she got nervous because they had been told "no touching".

Posted by Buninyong Public School - NSW DEC on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

"I was very concerned when he started rubbing Prince Harry's face and his hair, but Prince Harry was completely gracious and was so polite and realised what was happening and his infatuation with his beard," she said.

"We can only thank him so much for treating Luke with such respect who didn't understand the situation. The way that Prince Harry and Princess Meghan interacted with him was just delightful."

Van Dartel, who went to the airport along with some of the students from her school, said there wasn't a dry eye in the house when the broadcast aired.

"He's often the star of the show at school, and now he's the star of the show all around the world," she said.

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