Darcy Turner knows her days with her mother are limited. But rather than dwelling on the sad reality she wants to make the most of the time left by taking her to her favourite spot - the beach.

In 2013, Kym Turner was diagnosed with motor neurone disease - a rare group of diseases that cause the death of the nerve cells that control the muscles that enable people to function.

She has surpassed the three years she was given to live, but every day is a fight for the now 59-year-old. Kym makes the most of what she's got.

"It has taken her arms and the usage in her legs, she can barely speak as her speech is slurred and slow and next she won't be able to breathe," Darcy says, the emotional toll evident in her voice.


"She's a prisoner in her own body."

Darcy Turner (left) wants to make the most of the limited time left with her mother, Kym. Photo / Supplied
Darcy Turner (left) wants to make the most of the limited time left with her mother, Kym. Photo / Supplied

She was 19 when her mother became ill with the incurable disease. Having lost her father last year, the now 25-year-old is Kym's full-time carer.

"My mother doesn't get to live her life or just do the daily things. She sits in her chair 24/7, not able to walk, talk or experience new things."

While she would like to take her mum on a cruise for a last trip, she knows financial and physical restraints will prevent her from doing so.

"I want to give her a nice getaway, and with the beach being her favourite spot, it is perfect."

Before she got sick, Darcy says she used to walk along the beach and surround herself with nature.

"I know it would make her day to have a nice family day at the beach, so she can feel the sand, feel the water and be at peace with everything."

She has started a Givealittle page in an attempt to raise enough to buy or hire a disability beach wheelchair to make the dream a reality, as well as pay the bills.

They both live week to week from government support, and have no way to pay off their mounting debt.

"I have given up my life, but all that doesn't matter because I just have to do the most for my mum so she is comfortable. I wouldn't be here without her," Darcy said.

Since starting the page on October 4, it has raised almost $300. She expects the chair will cost between $5000 to $8000.

• To donate to Kym Turner's givealittle page, visit: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/kyms-last-breakfree