When Russian Instagram model Kira Mayer found herself behind bars this year, she soon learnt prison life was very different to the pampered existence she once enjoyed.

The 24-year-old social media identity was used to jetting off on exotic holidays, driving luxury cars, dining in top restaurants and mixing with celebrities.

But those days are over for now as Mayer serves an 18-month sentence handed down last month after she was pulled over for a traffic offence, assaulted a police officer, and reportedly attempted to bribe police officers with a threesome in order to get off the hook.

The offer didn't work, and Mayer, who had amassed nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram before closing her account recently, is now struggling to adjust to her new life.


According to The Mirror, the model has made a string of outlandish demands since landing in prison — and has been shocked to find they haven't been met.

"When they brought me some strange porridge for breakfast, I asked: 'Can I have a hot croissant, orange fresh, mixed omelette and cheese?'" Mayer told the publication.

"I thought it was possible to order food here like in hotel. They laughed.

"Next, they have such ugly metal bowls here. I can't eat from them, I'm afraid."

She also said she couldn't understand why she couldn't have meals delivered from restaurants or a more comfortable bed.

"I am offering to introduce a paid service for delivery from restaurants so that they can bring oysters and fish," she said.

"I want oysters so badly.

"My bed is made of metal bars. I asked for a normal one with an orthopaedic mattress, and they laughed at me again.


"I asked if I could get even the most basic iPhone with internet but they laughed at me even more."

A hairy venture

According to The Mirror, Mayer is also hoping to launch an ambitious business venture from prison.

She hopes to generate an income for the institution by buying female prisoners' hair for $NZ109 and then selling it to the public as hair extensions for $NZ1090 — although it is not clear whether her business plan has been approved by officials.

"Imagine how much revenue it will create for the jail. And everyone will be satisfied," she told The Mirror.