They use the menulog online, which makes ordering easy and you get a text for the pick-up time. First-time users of menulog receive a 15 per cent discount. We ordered a Berta ($20) - ham, salami, chicken, red onions, black olives; a Crudaiola ($21) - parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, basil; and a Piccante ($19) - spicy salami, red peppers, chilli.

OUT: A technology win. Menulog plus texting works efficiently. The acknowledgment came through, saying, "Hey Chris, thanks for your order. It's ready to collect at 18:13 on 01.06.2018. This order still needs to be paid for, so don't forget your wallet when you collect it." They also deliver via Uber.

Isaac, 12: My pizza - the Berta - was a very good meaty one and a good size. The dough was really nice and had a nice sauce with it. Overall, it was a great pizza.


Daisy, 12: I had the Crudaiola. It was the perfect size for me. I loved the balance in the different flavours: the parma ham with the buffalo mozzarella and the basil. The dough was delicious - soft and chewy. I did try the other two pizzas as well although I thought the tomato base on the Berta was a bit overdone as it was very rich and salty. Overall the pizzas were delicious and I would highly recommend them.

Chris: There was no waiting or being late. The prices were fair, though I could've done with more toppings on the Piccante.

Pizzeria Rosso Pomodoro, 356 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn. Ph: (09) 360 6257.
Cost: $51 for three pizzas.