An awkward interview with a baseball fan has the internet divided over whether he pulled off an excellent joke or outed a bizarre love triangle.

A reporter for KMTV covering a baseball game in the US conducted an interview with fan Terry Powell that left a lot of people confused.

"The sacrifices that we personally made to be here are incredible," he said.

"My wife's boyfriend sold his prosthetic leg on Craigslist to afford me the opportunity to be here," he went on.


"But … they get alone time and I get a chance to be in Omaha."

He also complained about his roommate snoring and keeping him up, and when touching on Mississippi State's banana lucky charm, he said:

"So the banana is just part of that rally cry that we've adopted as a fan base. … My wife has a banana costume, I have a banana hammock, so I mean it's all good."

Most people think Terry was hilariously trolling the reporter but there were a few that believed he had just revealed that he was involved in a bizarre love triangle with his wife and her boyfriend.

Either way, he has to be commended for keeping a straight face the entire time.