The bad news is that you've been eating Pringles wrong your whole life.

The good news is that we're here to help you fix it.

We'd talked a while ago about which side of the Pringle chip you should eat first, but now we have the ideal way to get the pesky chips out of the round canister (something that gets particularly messy once you're nearing the end of the chips).

The problem with Pringles is that you don't even have to be really fat-fingered to have trouble reaching the chips at the bottom of the canister and if you do the old tipping it upside down trick, then you just end up with a mess of crumbs all over the place.


Unless you do them this way.

via Gfycat

Reddit user monkeyeatingeagle has created a handy gif to teach all of us mere mortals how to eat Pringles.

The process itself is actually fairly simple: fold a piece of A4 paper in thirds, the long way, insert into the canister and then pull it back out with the chips on it.

Reddit users weren't all appreciative of the "life hack" as they believe it's way too much work for the sake of some chips. However, true Pringles lovers will like how much easier it can be to have full Pringle access.