Meghan Markle's friend and former agent has told how the royal bride "can't wait" to become a mother.

Speaking in a documentary set to air on Sky tonight, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne recalls how Meghan told her she would "love to have children".

Gina said in "Harry and Meghan: A Love Story" that the pair were in the Cayman Islands when talk turned to their futures, and the then Suits star opened up about her longing for a family, reports the Daily Mail.

"She said to me, 'I would absolutely love to have children, and I can't wait to be a mother,'" Gina said in the documentary.


The conversation took place in the summer of 2016, around the time Meghan, who will marry Harry on May 19th at Windsor Castle, met the Prince.

Speaking in the documentary, Gina revealed she was with the Suits star in the Cayman Islands when she confided in her.

"Meghan and I were at an event in the Cayman Islands and Meghan discussed her future with me, and I said to her: 'Meghan, what about kids? Would you like to have children?' Gina said.

"She said to me, 'I would absolutely love to have children, and I can't wait to be a mother.'"

This came as she first spoke about her budding romance with the Prince, gushing over an upcoming date with Harry to her close confidante.

Sharing a glimpse into the documentary, Gina recalled her conversation with an excited Meghan on the day of her first date with the Prince.

Having asked her why she was so giddy, Meghan told her "I have a date tonight," Gina said, before confiding that Prince Harry was the man she was meeting.

"Meghan and I were at lunch and she was really excited and I said to her 'you look fantastic Meghan what's going on you seem excited'?. She revealed she had a date and I said 'really with who, do I know him', and she said in a whisper 'I'm sure you know him I'm meeting Prince Harry tonight."


"I said 'how exciting do you know what you're getting yourself into?".

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The documentary also revealed that Meghan had been passionate about charity work from a young age, joining a soup kitchen for homeless people in LA during her time in high school.

Speaking about Meghan, her former teacher Christine Knudsen at Immaculate Heart High School said: "She got an A from me and was very articulate and always had something interesting to say."

Remembering her time at the school, teacher Maria Pollia added: "She volunteered for quite a long time at a kitchen. She continued long after her hours of service requirement was fulfilled and she continued on through her senior year as well."

And recalling her time at The Hippy Kitchen, Mike Wiesniewski, director at homeless kitchen, admitted you couldn't forget her face and kindness.

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Speaking of her compassion he said: "She would come with her religion teacher and do what everyone else was doing."

This continued into her career, when she landed her breakthrough role on hit legal drama Suits.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh revealed she made sure no more food was thrown away from the studio after she saw how much would go to waste. "She went up the ranks and ensured nothing was thrown away but it was given to homeless people", he revealed.

And during her time on Suits she met Prince Harry, something she was very discreet about.

But despite her private attitude, she aroused people's suspicions when during a Lifestylemag shoot in May 2017 she was described as "noticeably very excited".

The magazine's creative director Claudia Ribeiro said: "She was very excited about something and the fact that she was texting all the time, we could see that something was happening.

"But she was very private and elegant about the details of the relationship- didn't say names or anything, but we knew that something exciting was going on".