Married at First Sight bride Tracey Jewel has recently shared a photo on Instagram revealing her dramatic weight loss, which she says was caused by the immense stress of being on the reality TV show.

The 32-year-old mum was already slim during her time on the programme, however a new Instagram photo shows her even skinner than she was on the show.

She captioned the photo saying: "Back to the daily workouts! #commited #dailygymgrind #squatschallenge" - and judging from her muscular arms, she's working hard to keep her bod strong and healthy.

Tracey became embroiled in a major drama during Married at First Sight when she found out her husband Dean Wells had cheated on her with co-star Davina Rankin.


However, in a shocking twist, Tracey ended up with fellow contestant Sean Thomsen.

Tracey explained to OK magazine in February that this drama with her on-screen hubby took a toll on her body.

"I thought losing a bit of weight would be a good side effect from the show, but I was so stressed by the situation with Dean I lost a lot of weight.

"I'm 180 cm tall and usually weigh 66kg. I went down to 59kg, which is too skinny for me."

Tracey also received a lot of backlash online regarding her looks, which lead her to have a $9000 plastic surgery reversal.

She confirmed she had all the fillers in her cheeks, lips and under her eyes dissolved after trolls targeted her during the show's run. It's understood Tracey had had a boob job, Botox, lip fillers and liposuction following her divorce five years ago.

Tracey before and after she had her fillers disolved. Photo /
Tracey before and after she had her fillers disolved. Photo /

Tracey admitted to having regrets as she watched herself on the show.

"I got filler in my cheeks, lips and under my eyes," Tracey told Woman's Day.

"But TV wasn't so kind. I'd look at some of the angles I was shot in and think, 'S**t, is that what I look like?' Then the online abuse started."

While her new boyfriend always thought she was "beautiful", Tracey admitted that he prefers her more natural face.

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