They say love don't cost a thing, but for one unlucky American woman, it cost exactly $39.52 after "ghosting" a new fella.

Amanda Burnett went for a drink with a potential love interest, however, after coming to the conclusion that she hadn't met her Prince Charming, she opted to not reply to his text messages.

Burnett was then left shocked when she received an itemised bill in the mail for $39.52, which included tax and a $1.99 processing fee.

She then took to Twitter to share her outrage and shock with followers, stating: "A guy just mailed me a bill for our dinner a few weeks ago because I didn't text him back … I can't make this s*** up."


When Burnett refused to pay the bill she was then sent a bizarre message advising her that she would be charged an "additional penalty or fine" or the matter would be taken to a collection agency.

However social media users appeared to be on the side of the begrudged man, with many running to his defense.

One Twitter user stated: "Pay for your own meal if you don't have the decency to tell him things aren't working."

Another added: "If you don't have the decency to text the guy back he's in every right to make you pay for the meal. Only fair!"