There's a new design trend that people are absolutely hating on social media.

The hashtag #backwardsbooks began trending recently as images of bookshelves displaying novels with the spines turned in began popping up on interior design sites, reports

Flavorwire wrote about the trend this week, saying that it appeals to fans of neutral, minimalist aesthetics in their homes.

Regardless, it has plenty of people scratching their heads.


When design blog Apartment Therapy posted a #backwardsbooks image on their Instagram feed, they were stunned by the backlash.

The picture of the backward facing bookshelf was captioned "Books don't match your decor? Don't fret. The incredibly easy solution? Flip them for a perfectly coordinated look."

According to Apartment Therapy writer Tess Wilson "our post garnered over 14,000 likes, it also received 49 how do you find your books, 41 dumbs, 38 thumbs-down emojis, 33 NOs, 29 stupids, 10 April Fool's Day mentions, 7 is this a joke inquiries, 5 unfollows, 2 delete your accounts, 1 demand for a retraction (that one really made me laugh), 1 spot-on baleen whale comparison, and 1 absolutely perfect Kriss Kross reference," writes Tess Wilson.