A picture of a lipstick imprint has been making its way around the internet and people are getting seriously confused by it.

But it is not the lipstick stain itself that people are freaking out over, it is the location of the stain.

Twitter user @ClawedHumour shared a picture of a lipstick kiss mark they found in a rather unexpected spot: The inside of the a toilet bowl.

The tweet has been shared almost 5000 times and over 9000 people have liked it — but no one can seem to understand how on earth it got there, news.com.au reported.


It clearly looks like someone took it upon themselves to kiss the toilet ... but why?

Twitter users have been coming up with their own theories on how the mystery stain came to be and some of them are pretty creative.

"My theory: girl blotted her lipstick by kissing a square of toilet paper and threw it in the toilet instead of trash and it got stuck to the bowl and lipstick mark stayed after flushing," one user wrote.

Another said: "My theory: girl got extremely drunk at a party and she was throwing up in the toilet and she was throwing up so much that her head was in the toilet and she kissed the inside."

Whatever the reason, we are all probably better off not knowing what would push a person to commit such an act.