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A woman in the US has opened up to an advice columnist with a plea for help over a desperate situation involving her husband and her daughter.

Writing to US advice columnist Erin Khar on, the mother-of-three details her horror over discovering relations between her adult daughter and her husband of eight years.

The anonymous plea reads:

"I have been stuck in this nightmare for a year and I can't take another day. I am desperate for help! I have been married eight years and I have three children. My husband is not the father of my two adult girls. I am financially dependent on my husband. "I found out in December 2015 that my oldest daughter and my husband were messing around behind my back. I confronted them and their response was all lies. "Since then, I keep catching text messages they send each other, talking about how much they love each other. I also found love cards they've given each other. "I cannot take it anymore. They won't stop and I'm completely depressed, lost, broken, disgusted, and hurt. "I need advice. I don't know what to do anymore. If I kick him out, I lose the house and everything. I can't stay stuck anymore like this, though. "We don't have sex or anything anymore either! "Please help me!"

Khar responds firstly by saying: "It truly sounds like a nightmare" and tells the distraught woman to take a "deep breath".

Then she offers some step-by-step tips, starting with two crucial things: Make an appointment with a therapist and find a lawyer.

She tells her to get her finances in order and keep a record of what's happened.

Khar advises that mending her relationship with her daughter isn't a priority at this point, that it can be a focus later on.

Lastly, she recommends finding support in other family and friends, telling her that while she may feel humiliated by the situation, she needs to remember she has done nothing wrong.