Nutritionist Ben Warren claims Kiwi women can simply make PMS "go away" by making simple lifestyle changes.

The nutritionist told Fairfax he believes PMS is a "disease state" that women have simply become accustomed to living with.

The BePure founder is said to have been helping women get rid of PMS symptom's by simply making lifestyle changes.

According to Research Professor Ellen W. Freeman, PhD from the University of Pennsylvania: "PMS affects up to 75 percent of women in their childbearing years."


Warren said that these women are suffering unnecessarily: "Menses is just a normal part of body function, but PMS is not normal - it's a disease state. We have these symptoms that we've just got used to."

Warren believes lifestyle changes such as cutting alcohol, increasing aerobic exercise and reducing stress can all help make PMS simply go away.

Professor Ellen W. Freeman however told Healthy Women that these solutions can only help improve symptoms of PMS: "Many premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms improve with treatment.

"Treatment options range from medication therapy to birth control pills to diet modification, including vitamin and mineral supplementation, herbal medicines and exercise."

Warren is set to tour New Zealand with his "The Hormone Secret" seminar over the coming months.