An Auckland 12-year-old who was caught building a pillow fort in The Warehouse Westcity, Henderson, was issued with a trespass notice and banned for two years.

Kyan Hatcher was handed the notice on September 17 which included a warning that he could face up to three months in jail.

The Warehouse has since removed the notice with a spokesperson telling the Herald: "... it's clear that this particular incident could have been handled better.

"We're investigating and trying to get in touch with the parents. We've removed the trespass notice effective immediately."


After Kyan was banned, his mum, Johanna Hatcher, deemed the notice "ridiculous", saying her son felt "like a really bad person."

"I think this is ridiculous as he wasn't stealing anything, he was just being a kid and being creative," she told Fairfax.

"If anything he should have got a warning about playing with things in their shop but definitely not a trespass notice and being made to feel like a criminal."

At the time of the alleged "hut building" with a friend behind shelves in the West Auckland store, Kyan wasn't approached. It was only when he returned to the store weeks later with his father, Blair Hatcher, that the pair were pulled aside by security and shown the footage.

It is alleged the security guard told Kyan they were waiting for him to come back to the store so he could be issued with the notice. He was also told that at the time staff were under the impression the fort was being used by people to sleep in overnight.

The boy and his father were then escorted from the store.

The Warehouse spokesperson said: "We ask that customers abide by basic Health and Safety requirements, including avoiding restricted areas, climbing ladders or shelves, or moving bulky items around the store."