picture has recently gone viral online leaving some viewers puzzled.

The image called the 'Coffer Illusion' shows a pattern of rectangles, but something is hidden is plain sight.

Some people are unable to see the special secret, but others are.

The Coffer Illusion may initially appear as a series of sunken rectangular pattern, but after a few seconds, your brain's representation of the image may 'flip' to give you the experience of 16 circles.


If you relax your eyes, you should be able to make out a pattern of circles in this illusion created by Anthony Norcia, formerly of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute.

The 'Coffer Illusion' derives its name from the word coffer which means a decorative sunken panel.

Some people see some circles but not all of them. In total there should be 16 circles that appear before your eyes emerging from the rectangle pattern.

- dailymail.co.uk