Let's paws (geddit?) and contemplate this for a second:

They're not really colour blind
Despite popular myths, dogs aren't completely colour blind. While they do have a limited colour range (that mostly consists of yellows, blues and violets), dogs still have superior night vision to humans.

Dogs prefer to poop on a north-south axis
Just hear us out: according to a recent study, dogs use the Earth's magnetic field when doing Number Twos, and choose to relieve themselves on a north-south axis. No one is really sure why...

It takes 18 muscles to move a dog's ear
It takes 18 muscles working together to get a dog's ears moving. You can also gauge your dog's levels of attention by watching their ears: focused/engaged dogs have stiff, forward-facing ears; slightly pulled-back ears indicate that the dog is feeling social; while ears tightly laid back against their head suggest the dog might be frightened or shy.


Guys with dogs in their profile pics do better on Tinder
We've heard about Tindog (yep, it's Tinder for dogs), but dogs are helping out thousands of dateless men using human Tinder too. Studies have shown that many people will swipe right for a cute dog. What can we say? It's science.

Dalmatian puppies aren't born with spots
Yep, it's true. They're actually born white and develop their spots over time.