Today is set to be the hottest June day since 1976, with the UK sweltering in highs of 29C.

And Britons reacted in a predictable way to the sizzling heat - taking to social media to joke about the struggles of staying cool in a country more used to moaning about the lack of sun rather than too much of it, according to Daily Mail.

Lord of the Rings fans were particularly vocal, comparing the sticky conditions in England and Wales to Mordor.

Dylan Auerbeck‏ wrote: "The weather just went from the Shire to Mordor real quick."


Alice Lily tweeted a meme with the caption: "I'm not saying it's hot in here. But two hobbits just came in and threw a ring."

Many others proposed some unusual methods for staying cool as the mercury rises.

One hot and bothered Twitter user wrote: "During this #ukheatwave stay cool by sleeping in your fridge with the door open. If you don't have a fridge simply take your neighbours."

The hot conditions have carried on from yesterday with people across Britain flocking to the coast and to the nation's parks to soak up the sun.

But many woke up bleary eyed this morning after the uncomfortable heat left them tossing and turning throughout the night.

Miriam Hughes wrote: "Quite happy I'm single because the last thing I want to do is sleep next to someone in this weather! #heatwave #Wales."

Pictures of animals were particularly popular, with Jessie Martin tweeting a photo of a hot and bothered car, and a raccoon keeping cool under a garden sprinkler.

In England and Wales, the warm weather will continue into this evening, with cloud and showers in the north fading away.

Conditions will stay dry overnight with clear spells, but it looks to be another sticky night with muggy conditions predicted by the met office.

Meanwhile, Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland may endure cloudy and rainy spells.
Tuesday is set to be another scorcher but with more humidity and even the occasional heavy shower in the southwest.