Pippa Middleton has reportedly banned her 350 wedding guests from uploading any photos to social media.

Middleton is set to marry millionaire hedge fund manager, James Matthews, this weekend and a source has reported that "Pippa has complete control over the wedding, right down to the finest details."

"Guests have been told they will be banned from taking in cameras, although it is understood that they will be allowed to keep their phones," a source told The Mirror.

"However, there's a strict 'no photos' policy in place."


The rule may have been put in place especially for her 27-year-old future brother in law, Spencer Matthews, who has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and Twitter.

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Spencer is expected to be the best man at the wedding, and the reality TV star has never been shy about sharing his life with his followers.

"She has had to have stern words with Spencer about uploading any selfies to his social media accounts," the source added.

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"Pippa and James want it to be a very private event and do not want anything to distract from the fact they want it to remain a classy affair."

The ceremony will take place in front of 350 guests at St Mark's Church in Englefield, Berkshire, followed by a reception at the Middletons' $9 million estate in nearby Bucklebury.