Radio Hauraki

hosts, Matt & Jerry, have released their own line of Mother's Day cards and, yes, they're just as creepy as they sound.

The pair have manipulated their own mugshots to sit atop chubby baby bodies, creating these "lovely" cards, just in time for Mother's Day.

The cards bear a striking resemblance to the work of popular baby photographer Anne Geddes. And the best - or worst - part is that you can send one to your own mum for free.


Host of The Hits, Toni Street, has already received one of the cards, inscribed with a message from the Hauraki duo: "Dearest Toni, Happy Mother's Day. We love you every day but even more on this special day" and is signed with hugs and kisses by Matt and Jerry.

When your Mother's Day is made before your REAL kids even give you a card, thanks Matt & Jerry x @radiohaurakinz

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So, that's your Mother's Day sorted. You're welcome.