Hot diggity dog, your hot dog just got a whole lot healthier - and whole lot less like an actual hot dog.

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has created his own wacky paleo version of the classic sausage sandwich, as reported by

Only there is no bread. Or "dead horse" anywhere to be seen.

The My Kitchen Rules judge shared his version on the classic Kiwi snack, made using his recommended paleo sausages that contain "organic spices, rosemary, organic onion, organic garlic", and so on.


"You are going to love them and they make the best school lunches (or breakfast too and you can of course have them for dinner," Evans wrote when he shared the video on Facebook.

The father-of-two urged others to make "organic grass fed hot dogs" by serving them in lettuce cups and topping them with caramelised onions.

"They are completely paleo with no nasties at all," Evans boasted.

Evan's captioned his post: "HOT DIGGITY DOG" and excitedly told his followers to "get super excited about these little babies."

The video has been viewed more than 90,000 times and could be the answer healthy hot dog lovers, or celiacs, have been searching for.

However, Evans has one for bread lovers too, showcasing a "seed bun" and promising to share that recipe later in the week.

We can't wait, Pete.