A teenager who was conceived via IVF said she has found out her best friend is actually her brother.

Georgia Bond and Jack Bowman, both from Liverpool, say they share the same sperm donor father and found out they were siblings on Thursday.

The teenage girl posted on Twitter: "We've always joked about having the same sperm donor and being the brother and sister we naturally act like", reports the Daily Mail.

"A few weeks ago we both found out we were both able to access details about our donors and donor conceived siblings.


"Jack received his first telling him he had a sister born in 1998 which resulted in me requesting mine.

"Today we found out we have the same sperm donor so we are genuinely brother and sister after all.

"Happiest person ever right now, to all those who are IVF, request your details. Miracles can happen."

The post was retweeted 17,000 times on Twitter.

The pair were able to access the information through the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.

The organisation holds birth information for everyone conceived from a fertilisation clinic from August 1 1991.

But as there is no central place to store the information, people who want to find out about their birth parents would have to contact the clinic where their parents visited.