They have an online ordering facility but we just rang and placed our order. They boast gourmet takeaways at affordable prices. We were told our order would be ready in 20 minutes. The Flaming Onion opened in 2012 -- owned and run by an ex-Engine Room chef. We visited a few times over the next year when we were over that side of the bridge. Always good. It has changed hands since but -- we figured -- a good burger is worth a drive.

We had to wait a couple of minutes when we arrived and ended up eating at the bar along the window. Takeaways come in a brown grocery-like bag -- with everything individually wrapped and stamped so there's no confusion. Parking's easy -- The Flaming Onion is your archetypal, old-school suburban takeaway, next to a cluster of corner shops in Northcote. It even has a Streetfighter II machine!

We hit most of the proteins on the menu -- a fish burger (fish of the day was trevally), a steak fold (prime angus rump steak, caramelised onion, mustard, mayo and rocket on toasted seeded Turkish bun -- $11.80) and a junior chicken burger ($6.90). We topped that off with onion rings ($4.80 each) and chips ($3.50) and aioli ($2). The steak and chicken burgers were pretty good, but the fish was just average.


The fish hadn't been drained properly out of the fryer, and the burger seemed slapped together. I liked the onion rings, others reckoned they didn't match their memories of previous visits. The chips were good. There are a lot of more exotic burgers on offer -- with names such as The Detention (double wagyu/cheese/spicy relish -- $16), The Highwayman (beef, bacon, egg, sriracha mayo -- $15) and The Rhinelander (wagyu beef with streaky bacon -- $14.50).

Verdict: A good local takeaway, at reasonable prices -- but there's a lot of competition in this sector, and it's a long drive across town.


The Flaming Onion

1 Lydia Ave



(09) 419 0325