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Ahh, autumn - when the days become shorter, the nights longer, the air crisp and the second blankets are brought out of the cupboard. As leaves darken and cascade from their branches onto the earth below... do you know who's happiest about it? That's right - your dog. Watch: 1. Stella the Labrador is a three-year-old Labrador from North England with a particular lust for life. Don't believe us? Check out the rest of this user's videos, in which Stella has just as much enthusiasm for everything around her as she does for autumn leaves. A seasonal classic. Watch: 2. We'll never know how Sky the Siberian Husky found herself buried in an enormous pile of autumn leaves but we do know she loved it (and so did the rest of the world: with 20K views this video makes it clear Sky's joy is a pleasure for others as much as it is for her). Watch: 3. Why run through the leaves when you can slide your way through them sideways? And how do we make this video our screensaver? Image:

[Source: Reddit] 4. Autumn leaves turn this one-year-old Corgi into Crash Bandicoot. [Source: Reddit] 5. We can't tell who's enjoying themselves more: Willow the dog, or her wine-sipping owners? (Spoiler alert: she finds the ball.)