With Easter just around the corner, chocolate is well and truly on the brain and seems to be tempting us everywhere we look.

Over the past few years luxury Easter eggs have been in hot demand all over the globe. Last year the Cumberbunny topped the charts of the Easter must haves.

To make your hunt easier for the most luxurious of them all, we have compiled a list of the Easter eggs you need to put on your wish list now!

Devonport Chocolates graffiti Easter egg

These gorgeous white chocolate graffiti Easter eggs are the ultimate artisan Easter treat.


Handmade in New Zealand, each egg is decorated with a coloured graffiti inspired splatter design and embellished with edible 9ct gold leaf.

Price: NZ$49.90
Where to buy: Devonport Chocolates

Pierre Marcolini fondant chocolate egg

Created by master chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, these elegant and super cute Easter eggs are sculpted from sweet fondant and white chocolate.

They come with an assortment of mini eggs in different flavours as well as chocolate caramel animals.

Price: $77
Where to buy: Marcolini

Cheeseter egg

For those of you who don't like chocolate (say what?!), you can now buy an Easter egg made entirely out of cheese.

The Cheester Egg is made using Napier - a hard cheese, which is slightly crumbly yet creamy in texture. You'll need to get in quick though, as these are selling out quick!

Price: $23
Where to buy: Wildes Cheese

The Solid egg

It sounds like a myth, but it is 100 per cent reality: an entirely solid chocolate Easter egg is here.

Chocolate lovers rejoice, these solid eggs that come in milk, dark, white and caramel varieties, are made up of 42 bite-sized building blocks of chocolate that together form a traditional Easter egg shape.

Price: $45
Where to buy: Solid Chocolate Co.

Bulgari red velvet nest egg

This elegant and sculptural piece is made from 66 per cent dark chocolate using Trinitario beans from the Caribbean and decorated with a luxurious red velvet coating.

The focal point and most Instagramable feature, is the delicate feathers that sweep over the egg and sit upon an intricate nest made of dark chocolate.

Price: $46
Where to buy: Bulgari Hotels

She Universe diamond egg

The diamond Egg is limited edition with only 100 crafted each year. This year there is gold leaf hidden in each egg and every egg is its own original masterpiece - just like a diamond should be.

Simply crack it open to find what delicious hidden treasures are within. Yum!

Price: $99
Where to buy: She Universe or Farro

Pierre Herme Lucio Fontana egg

Pierre Herme, the so-called "Picasso of pastry" has drawn inspiration from Italian painter and sculptor Lucio Fontana in order to create a stunning masterpiece that comes as a trio.

The unique eggs are made from pure origin Belize chocolate, which leaves an intense and fruity flavour on the palate.

Price: $240
Where to buy: Pierre Herme

Godiva beaded Easter egg

This indulgent Easter gift is perfect for those of you who love all things that sparkle.

The beaded egg box opens to reveal individually-wrapped dark, milk and white chocolate Easter eggs made to Godiva's impeccable standards.

Price: $79
Where to buy: Harrods

Godiva atelier egg

The most expensive egg on our list, weighs in at an impressive 14kg!

We can imagine most people aren't prepared to spend well over a GRAND on an Easter egg - but if you are, this epic creation should be right up your street.

The giant Easter atelier egg from Godiva is an enormous 66cm tall and takes four hours to decorate, with layers of white, milk and dark chocolate used to create a lace like effect.

Price: $1770
Where to buy: Godiva