A woman revealed how her partner owns just three pairs of underwear in a shocking online post.

The Mumsnet user, who lives with her partner, said he insisted he "doesn't need to change his pants everyday" because 'he is not a woman'. She added that she thought each pair was only washed once a fortnight.

The post prompted widespread disgust from other mothers, with dozens branding the behaviour "gross" and "appalling", according to Daily Mail.

The original post read: "Noticed there were hardly ever pairs of DP's pants in the wash basket, so I bought him a pack that looked comfy and were reasonably priced, and put them in his underwear drawer.


"When I mentioned I'd done this he said: 'Oh, you didn't need to do that - I already have three pairs'. I press him on this and he says that, 'as [he's] not a woman', he doesn't need to change his pants every day and three pairs is plenty.

"As in he literally own three pairs. In total.

"He's been wearing them in rotation and if I'd have to estimate I'd say that unless I forcibly liberate them from his Floor Closet (that's a rant for another day) they aren't getting washed more than once every two weeks. Am I being precious or is this just... eughh???!!"

Other mothers were quick to agree the habit was unhygienic and unacceptable. One wrote:

"It's disgusting. I could not live with him." Another said: "That is all kinds of grim. Very little makes me go... that is truly disgusting!"

Many asked for details on the partner's showering routine. One wrote: "Does he wash and put dirty pants back on? Or only wash 3 times in 2 weeks? Surely it must cause a bit of a pong 'down there'."

One user urged: "Do not let him anywhere near you until the situation is rectified."

The original poster later followed up by writing: "Thank you, I thought I was going mad... I am definitely going to be sticking every pair of pants I see straight in the wash from now on. After I've picked them up from a distance with a pair of tongs."