Living next door to Ivanka Trump and her family is no walk in the park.

According to the Associated Press, residents in the elegant enclave - a mere three kilometres from the White House - are no strangers to VIP neighbours, but the disruption Ivanka and her family have caused has reportedly reached boiling point.

As advisers in the White House, Trump and Kushner moved in to their new home following the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.

However, from the serious security presence - with even a trip to the playground requiring three vans - to the family's inability to learn the weekly rubbish pick-up schedule, the residents of the DC neighbourhood of Kalorama have had enough.


Marietta Robinson, who lives across the street said, "It has been a three-ring circus from the day that they've moved in," with Ivanka arriving and leaving with a four-car motorcade.

Such was her displeasure with the family that Robinson took to writing a letter to the Democratic Mayor and other city officials after she began to notice what she calls "an unusually large and aggressive security presence".

In the letter she said, "there are more of them than I have ever seen.

"Frequently several of them are milling outside of the house at all hours having conversations and staring meanly at anyone in view."

One neighbour has described the Trump clan's arrival as a
One neighbour has described the Trump clan's arrival as a "three-ring circus". Photo / Getty

The letter, which also made mentioned of the family taking up too much public parking and leaving rubbish on the kerb for days on end spurred the government into action.

However, according to next door neighbour Rhona Wolfe Friedman, numerous cars connected to the Trump-Kushner house have still been parking in restricted areas for extended periods of time. Barriers have also been erected on the side walk in the front of the house, giving residents no choice but to cross the street.

As yet, it is unclear if Ivanka has received word about the complaints, however a statement was emailed by an aide on Friday afternoon saying, "We love the neighbourhood and our family has received an incredibly gracious welcome from our neighbours."