It's the cult high street store whose affordable versions of designer looks have made it a firm favourite among millennials and thirty-somethings alike. But, according to consumer experts, there is an age limit for shopping at fashion favourite Zara - and it's much lower than you might expect.

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Consumer analysis agency Insight Rooms have studied the way women socially engage with the Spanish brand - indicating that they still shop at Zara - according to their age. Their research found that engagement "peaks" between the ages of 23 and 27.

After that, shoppers begin to drop off and "collapse beyond", according to WWW, who spoke to Insight Rooms' co-founder and CEO Ed Dilworth.

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By the age of 33, social engagement falls to below 1 per cent, Dilworth revealed, suggesting that women in their thirties are looking to other brands when it comes to wardrobe inspiration.


While this may come as a surprise to 30-plus Zara fans, it's worth noting that the brand's so-called "age cliff" is less drastic than some of its high street competitors. The reason for this? "The looks include more conservative and classic styles that stretch up into that older range more than the youth brands," Dilworth explained.

The fast-fashion store, which hails from Spain and now has more than 2,000 branches all over the world, is quick to pick up on catwalk trends and famously ships new products into its stores twice a week. It has enjoyed something of a popularity boom in recent years, with many of its catwalk-inspired products taking on a cult status.