A vegan cafe in the UK has found itself in hot water after the owners launched a bizarre online attack and branded one customer a 'f****** control freak' and compared another to Hitler.

Customers at the Goat Cafe, the only vegan establishment in Huddersfield, were abused in a series of Facebook posts by owners Matt Ward, 45, and Dawn Silver, 44.

The row began after the Trinity Street business claimed on Facebook that it was "ditching the internet" and would no longer be serving most of its popular coffees.

In a message posted from the cafe's official Facebook account it said: "Being vegan we believe humans are being exploited within the use of modern technology and would like to set a precedent in saying that we are ditching our internet.


"We no longer accept card payments and will no longer post updates or acknowledge digital communication or reviews but will be happy to respond to any written or verbal correspondence.

"If you feel this is not enough then open your mind and drop your ego!"

This prompted an outpouring of criticism from customers who resented the tone of the post, and the owners began sending rude messages back.

While the original post has since been deleted, there are still a number of abusive messages on Goat Cafe's Facebook page.

And when customers questioned the apparent "decision" some received abusive replies.

They asked one customer: "When exactly are you going to die?"

When one disgusted customer, Bethany Stanley, cancelled her visit to the cafe due to the comments, she was told: "F*** you Bethany, and f*** your plans!"

The couple then made a series of memes repeating this message, including a Hiter-themed video.

Another customer was told: "If you can only use the internet to live then you need to address your life!"

The cafe is now believed to be temporarily closed, after they posted: "We will remain closed for a few days as some essential rewiring works are needed on the mother ship."