It's a simple and powerful message, and it's being shared all over the world.

Be warned: the heartwarming ad which has gone viral might have you reaching for the tissues.

Entitled All That We Share, Danish TV station TV2's powerful, three-minute message is that there's more that brings us together than we think.

We just have to step, and think, out of the box.


Built around the human tendency to put people into "boxes" based on race, beliefs, and gender, it creates new "boxes" to illustrate that despite our differences, we have a lot more in common with people than we may think.

It's a deft and subtle mix of humour and gravitas. It opens with people stepping into squares outlined on the floor dividing them into categories: High earners versus those just getting by; those we trust versus those we try to avoid; lifelong Danes versus New Danes.

By the time they're grouping themselves into boxes including class clowns, those who love to dance, the bullies and the bullied, the step-parents, the lonely, the madly in love, and those who had sex recently, the embracing diversity message is beautifully clear: it's easy to find common ground.

The English-language version of the video was posted to YouTube on January 27: marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the same day that US President Donald Trump released an executive order blocking citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for 90 days and halting the Syrian refugees program for four months.