Puzzles and brainteasers are flooding the internet of late as users challenge themselves to conquer even the trickiest of puzzles.

However, this question might just be the one to conquer even the savviest of puzzle masters.

Playbuzz have released what is known to be a notoriously difficult brainteaser where users must identify the question master's relationship to a woman called Teresa.

It reads: "If Teresa's daughter is my daughter's mother, what am I to Teresa?"


To make the task at hand a little easier users are given a selection of six multiple choice answers to the question.

Users can select from the following answers grandmother, mother, daughter, granddaughter, Teresa or the final option being unsure.

According to Playbuzz 97 per cent of those who try to master the riddle will answer incorrectly the first time.

A helpful hint suggests that users think about who has posed the question in order to find the answer.

Those especially adept at riddles should be able to decipher that the person asking the question is in fact Teresa's daughter.

In order to understand the answer the player must put themselves in the shoes of the person asking the question.

Teresa's daughter is therefore your mother's daughter making your daughter's mother you.

This means that Teresa's daughter is you - the person who is asking the question is Teresa's daughter.

In a poll the overwhelming majority thought themselves to be Teresa with 35 per cent selecting that as their answer.