Plus-size blogger Callie Thorpe has hit back at bullies who launched a vicious attack on her wedding and honeymoon photos.

The size 24 fashion and lifestyle writer, from London, recently tied the knot with fellow blogger Daniel Hetherington with the pair jetting off to Tulum, Mexico, after their nuptials.

Callie has been posting a series of bikini snaps but says her social media accounts have been littered with cruel comments from people who "want to torment or bully me for my size".

She had previously re-tweeted comments on Twitter saying things like "Save the whales" and "When you slipped into your wedding dress did you have to use grease?"


But after returning to London last week, Callie took to Instagram to post a poignant message to her trolls.

HERE TO SLAY, HERE TO STAY #theconfidencecorner

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"Take a seat and ENJOY THE SHOW, that is my happy life," she wrote. "So I have extra weight, I also have ridiculously wonderful friends, a great job and a person that loves me. ALL OF ME from head to toe, big or small, fat or thin.

"I have a constant, loving kind, companion, to travel with, to laugh with to ease the pain during the bad times in life. Sadly all you have is anger and hatred.

"So I'll take being fat, I'd rather be overweight and full of love than an image of perfection and lonely. But on this final note I send you nothing but love and light and hope that one day you get even a tiny drop of what I have because it sure sounds lonely on that pedestal of yours up there."

Her post racked up more than 7,400 likes and a wave of support from her 115,000

One wrote: "Well said... So much respect for you right now," while others lashed out at the "sad and lonely pitiful" internet trolls.

In an earlier post, the style blogger, who writes a column for Marie Claire, posted a picture with the caption: "It's not brave to be in a Bikini guys, it's just not I don't deserve a medal or your praise when I put one on and share it on Instagram.

"Let's all get to a point where it's just normal for a woman to put on a bathing suit on her holiday and it not be a big deal. I felt cute AF today all size 24 of me."


Callie previously revealed that she always thought she would have to be thin to get married and she never thought she would find a dress to fit her figure.

However, after being contacted by David's Bridal - which stocks up to US size 30 (UK - 26) - she was able to find the perfect plus-size gown.

She said of her now husband, who she met in 2008: "Dan has loved me at all different sizes and on the day of the wedding when I walked into the room he turned and teared as I walked towards him, he looked at me like I was magic."