First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to a first date.

In fact, research shows that it takes less than 10 seconds for us to form an opinion of someone we have just met, according to Daily Mail.

And while all may be going well at first, it doesn't take much for the night to spiral out of control.

A number of unlucky men recently took to social media to share their bad date stories and the things women have done to ruin a first date.


One frustrated man explained how his night was "going great" before his date pointed out her ex at a bar they went to after dinner.

"Chad [the ex] sees that I'm with her and soon leaves the bar. A few minutes later, my date starts checking her phone and texting someone. I go order another round of drinks," the man wrote on Reddit.

"When I get back, my date asks if it would be ok if she went back to Chad's house. I told her she could do whatever she wanted to. I then said goodnight and went home alone.

"She texted me an hour later apologizing and said that Chad wouldn't let her in. She then asked if she could come to my house. I politely declined and went to sleep."

Moral of the story? Nobody should try and "hook up" with their ex on a first date.

Another common concern was both men and women constantly texting and on their phones during the date.

"I cannot see how anyone thinks this is acceptable. I see it all the time with people on dates or with friends and it is so sad," one Redditor wrote.

"Huge turn off, it's really rude too," another agreed.


Women being "overly clingy" was also a problem for many men, including one who met his date online.

"One night we agreed to meet up after I got off work. The entire day she called me baby, said she loved me, and texted non stop," he wrote.

"If I didn't answer her texts right away, she would blow up my phone with calls. She knew where I was. Then during the last 2 hours of my shift, she would count down.

"Finally, when my shift was over she text me 3 or 4 times to see if I was on my way. I finally had enough and told her no, I wasn't and it wasn't going to happen."

Playing hard to get is also not recommended.

"I'm dumb as hell when it comes to stuff like that, so please don't do it," a man wrote.

"It also smacks of superiority: I'm not interested in dating someone who thinks she's better than me," another added.

Other peeves included expecting men to keep the conversation going, acting bored, constantly speaking about their exes and job interview style questions like "Where do you see yourself in five years?."

Some men said they had dated women who asked about their health insurance benefits, their salary and whether they had their own homes.

"You can find the Australian Defence Force Payscales online, and this girl had downloaded it and then asked me what rank and pay level I was. It was a full on interview," a man wrote.

Finally, women with unrealistically high expectations were also mentioned.

"'Excite me, take me on an adventure, take me shopping' etc. It just feels so expectant reading that s**t. It makes me ask internally 'Well what are you gonna do for me?'," a man wrote.

"Your short profile is just saying what you expect from a guy, not what you offer or more importantly not who you even are as a person.

"I guess it's more often girls who are good looking and unfortunately have fallen into the trap of thinking this is enough. Maybe it is for some men but not all and not me."