From foodie events to the best restaurants, recipes and healthy living tips, here are the best bites of food news this week.

Dining in

Cibo fry-pan brownie with cherries and berries

Cibo's delicious fry-pan brownie.
Cibo's delicious fry-pan brownie.

Jeremy Turner and Kate Fay of Cibo know how to get right in to the Christmas spirit with their festive meals and treats on offer this year.

Their fry-pan chocolate brownie would make for a decadent Christmas day dessert, a welcome alternative to the usual pavlova or trifle.


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The best pavlova recipes for Christmas

Practise your pavlova making in the lead up to Christmas. We've picked ten of our favourite recipes from the website to try our hand at this week.

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Dining out

Viva's top-rated restaurants of 2016

From the latest openings of the year to long-standing classics, rediscover Jesse Mulligan's top-rated restaurants of the year over on

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Cornwall Park Bistro, One Tree Hill

The pork belly at Cornwall Park Bistro. Photo / Babiche Martens
The pork belly at Cornwall Park Bistro. Photo / Babiche Martens


eating out editor Jesse Mulligan visits Cornwall Park Bistro on a sunny Auckland afternoon and is delighted by what's on offer at the restaurant hidden among the trees of Cornwall Park.

"You can be deep in Cornwall Park five minutes after browsing through a rug sale at the Logan Campbell Centre, and yet it still feels as though you've travelled hundreds of kilometres, and then back in time into a Wordsworth poem.

"Somebody in the kitchen here really knows what they're doing. The food was delicious, and hearty - the way a bistro should be. I started with house-made potato gnocchi, singed in the pan then tossed with brown butter, manchego cheese and plenty of seasoning."

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Health fix

Lee-Anne Wann: How to avoid blowing out your waistline at Christmas


It's the time of year where portion control goes out the window, exercise is ditched in favour of afternoon naps and reigning in your alcohol consumption just sounds silly.

But come January, will you be berating yourself at the gym as you struggle to regain some semblance of that hard earned healthy body you let go of over the Christmas period?

Lee-Anne Wann shares her top 10 tips to avoid a health and fitness blow out this Christmas.

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12 foods that give you glowing, clear skin

We are what we eat, so the saying goes - and according to experts, it's absolutely true.


The Daily Mail has revealed how you can eat your way to glowing clear and blemish-free skin by eating the right foods.

Check out the list of 12 foods we should all be eating if we want perfect skin.

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Why Diet Coke is bad for weight loss

Those diet drinks may be making you hungry.
Those diet drinks may be making you hungry.

Diet drinks such as Diet Coke and Sprite Zero do not help with weight loss, a study has found, because they encourage people to eat more to compensate.

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Andrew Taylor eats nothing but potatoes for a year to cure his food addiction

It was an extreme diet that was initially criticised. Some said it was an unhealthy approach to weight loss, others believed there was no way he'd last 12 months. Almost one year on, he has proved you can survive on nothing but potatoes.

He vowed on January 1 he would touch nothing but the starchy vegetable. Taylor has lost more than 50kg and says he is a completely changed man.

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The original Glenfiddich club pop up bar

The Original Glenfiddich Club is an exclusive club for whisky lovers. Held at The Northern Club in Auckland, the pop-up brings fathers, father figures and mentors together to thank them for all they have done over the years, while enjoying a tipple and a slice of Glenfiddich's history.


Your ticket treats you and your guest to a guided whisky tasting, mini facial, blackjack, billiards, portrait photography and 1960's themed canapés and drinks.

This exclusive event runs for two nights only with the final night tonight, Friday December 16, 3pm - 9pm.

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Ben & Jerry's Takapuna pop up truck

Get ready for summer ice cream fans! Ben & Jerry's are parking up their Takapuna Scoop Truck on the corner of Channel View Rd in Takapuna.

The pop-up Scoop Truck is officially open from Saturday December 17 and is offering free scoops for those who visit between 11am - 2pm. For the rest of summer it will be open from 11am - 9pm.


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