From foodie events to the best restaurants, recipes and diet tips, here are the best bites of food news this week.


Cocoro chef Makoto Tokuyama. Photo / Getty Images
Cocoro chef Makoto Tokuyama. Photo / Getty Images

• COCORO, Ponsonby


food reviewer Peter Calder finds beautifully presented, heartfelt food at Cocoro, which reminds him of the dazzling originality of Japanese cuisine.


"And so it came, a procession of small impeccably composed delights: a single tempura oyster was followed by a selection of sushi and sashimi that came in a box you folded out like a doll's house, together with a stalk of fresh wasabi and a tiny, rough board on which you could grate your own paste."

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• SIP KITCHEN, Newmarket

Greg Bruce tries Newmarket's latest healthy offering for Canvas. Initially sceptical, he's impressed with some of the non-traditional brunch options.

"I didn't really want to order the baked oats ($12) but I thought it sounded like a not-too-distant cousin of porridge, which is something I sometimes order somewhere I feel comfortable. I was wrong though - it was way better. It was like a cake, warm and sweet, seedy and nutty. It came with some mint matcha cream, and a tiny flask of almond milk for moisture control."

Check out more of their healthy options here.

• PO' BROTHERS, Ponsonby

Kim Knight finds a cheap and cheerful eatery on Ponsonby Road with pan-Asian rice paper rolls and dreamy tropical desserts.


"Light and refreshing, the rolls were the perfect justification for a bowl of deep-fried cornflakes (aka chicken karaage). The $10 dish of really juicy thigh meat with a cereal coating was cooked to a bonkers level of golden crispness. Highly recommended."

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Dark chocolate and cherry cookies. Photo / Jason Oxenham
Dark chocolate and cherry cookies. Photo / Jason Oxenham

• Delaney Mes' Christmas recipes

Christmas treats don't always have to leave you feeling like you've overindulged. Try Delaney Mes' dark chocolate cookies or spicy Christmas 'kraut for a new festive tradition.

"Whether you're after the traditional kind of baking for gifts, or whether you'd like to try something a little different, you're covered. If you haven't got into fermenting, try this sauerkraut recipe - I've constantly got a jar on the go and I add it to salads, cheese toasties, or as a small side dish all the time."

Get the recipes here.

• Allyson Gofton's very French chicken

Celebrity cook and new columnist for Bite, Allyson Gofton shares her first recipe, a very French roast chicken.

"Irene, interpreter of my French book, made us a family dinner using these flavours; simple ingredients all cooked in one dish for an easy meal: tres bien."

Try out the wholesome recipe here.

• Angela Casley's waldorf salad with poached chicken

A refreshing and crunchy dish, Angela Casley shares her wonderful waldorf salad recipe with Viva.

"I have always loved the textures of this salad with the crunchy apple and grapes together in a creamy dressing. Adding poached chicken transforms it into a meal from a simple salad."

Have a go at the dish here.


Chocolate can help to keep the brain healthy because it contains cacao - raw cocoa, which is high in magnesium, iron and zinc. Photo / 123RF
Chocolate can help to keep the brain healthy because it contains cacao - raw cocoa, which is high in magnesium, iron and zinc. Photo / 123RF

• Six foods that boost memory

You don't need to buy specialist supplements to be at your peak mental condition. A nutritionist breaks down the six best foods to boost brain power.

"Pumpkin seeds: These nutritious seeds are one of our best natural sources of zinc, which is vital for cognitive function - our ability to think, learn and reason. They're also high in magnesium, which helps nerve signals travel around the body, including to and from the brain, as well as essential fatty acids and protein."

Check out the other five foods here.

• What to eat for a flat stomach

A leading London nutritionist has revealed a surprising list of foods to avoid if you want a flat stomach.

"Although apples are great additions to a healthy diet given their high fibre, vitamin C and antioxidant rich contents, they are known to cause bloating and other digestive issues for some people."

Get the rest of her advice here.


• Auckland Night Noodle Markets, Victoria Park

Running until Sunday, this event has been a sell out since it began. While you'll have to brave the crowds and be prepared to do some queueing, you'll find a huge range of high-quality, hawker-style Asian cuisine to try.

Find out more on Facebook here.

• Kapiti Food Fair

Showcasing New Zealand food and beverages, the annual Kapiti Food Fair is on this Saturday at Mazengarb Reserve, Paraparaumu. Expect celebrity chef appearances, plenty of taste-testers and strawberries and ice cream from the Mary Potter Hospice.

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