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I've talked recently of my regular Sunday roasts. They are comforting and, for me, an easy way to serve a meal that everyone loves.

Today's features on food waste have made me realise that this is also a big factor, I generally buy a joint of meat or a whole chicken because they are much better value for money - why buy a few lamb cutlets when a leg is almost the same price? And like Kathy Paterson, I too make two or three more meals out of the leftover meat, even if it's just the convenience of having cooked meat for salads and sandwiches at lunchtime.

Kathy has a great recipe for roast spring leg of lamb with vegetables, the leftover meat making a welcome reappearance in a salad with yoghurt sauce and rissoles that the kids are sure to thank you for.

One-third of food produced globally is wasted and many of us are unaware that we are aiding and abetting in this crime.


As you go about the week, take stock of what's going in the kitchen bin and, if you haven't already, start your own Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Also helping to look after the budget this week are Peter Gordon's perfect roast potatoes, Aaron Brunet's wicked wedges, a weeknight frittata and Ray McVinnie's many ways with sausages.