When you imagine what it's like to be colourblind, do you picture things as only being visible in black and white?

It turns out being colourblind is a lot more complex than that.

While some people with the condition can't see certain colours, others will see one colour swapped out for another, or a colour will appear more weak than others.

In a project highlighted by Refinery29, a series of gifs created by medical consulting company Clinic Compare show what it's really like for people who are colourblind.


Blue blind tritanopia

People with this form of colourblindness confuse blue with green and yellow with violet.


This is a rare form of colourblindness, affecting just one in 100,000 people. It's identified by a failure to discriminate colour.


This is a more mild form of the condition where sufferers can't see blues as strongly as other colours.


This is one of the most common forms of colourblindness. As the gif shows, the effects of this type of the condition are incredibly pronounced.