Too, to and two, they're, their and there, are just some of the grammatical rules drummed into us from primary school age.

While many of us slip up on occasion some revel in the chance to correct their peers on their slip ups.

Now a new quiz from Playbuzz has been devised to divide the grammar champs from the grammar chumps.

The quiz asks the participants to fill in the blanks in a sentence, asking them to choose from a selection of homonyms with only one being grammatically correct.


The questions range from simple grammar tests such as the famous to, too or two, to more fiendish puzzles.

Other questions ask players to choose between lightning and lightening with one meaning type of weather and the other referring to a drop of levels in the womb during the last weeks of pregnancy.

In another puzzle participants are asked to choose between loose and lose when referring to being defeated.

According to the quizzes creator Miranda Gilbert 90 per cent of people who take the test will fail with only ten per cent achieving full marks.

She remarks: "These tough words and phrases often stump even the smartest people. Are you one of the few who can outsmart this quiz?"

Take the Playbuzz test to see if you are one of ten per cent to ace the quiz.