Love a G&T? You're a psychopath, apparently.

Well, this is awkward for people who love a gin in the warmer months.

New research suggests people who are drawn to bitter-tasting drinks, like straight coffee or tonic water, are more likely to be narcissistic and sadistic.

The Innsbruck University suggests that those who opt for stronger, sharper flavours are more likely to get a "thrill" out of experiencing the discomfort it can bring, reported The Sun.


Professor Christina Sagioglou, who tested over 1000 people, explained that the sensation can be "compared to a rollercoaster ride, where people enjoy things that induce fear".

Trends in the results showed that bitter taste preferences were strongly associated with psychopathic tendencies.

In other words, if you take your morning coffee without milk or sugar, and you shy away from sweet cocktails and ciders at the pub, you may be a psychopath.

Meanwhile, those who avoided such drinks were found to be more kind, sympathetic and cooperative.