With his tiny paw gripping his owners' hands, a cat named Little Andrew was photographed making his last trip to the vet.

Uploaded to Reddit by user abernha3, the image is captioned: "He held our hands on his last trip to the vet. Little Andrew was much stronger than his mom and I."

Receiving over 280 comments, the post seems to have inspired others to share their own stories about losing their cats.

One wrote: "It's amazing how they can tell when that final vet trip comes. Mine knew and was at peace about it, like yours was."


Another shared: "I lost my baby, a Russian Blue two years ago. He looked just like your kitty. He was with me for 18 years. There's a special love there that you cannot explain. My wholehearted condolences."

One user, known as Repoj, said: "I just found out today that I have to put my old man kitty down! This hit me hard and I feel your hurt my friend. He was a stray that was severely starving and abused when we found him. We named him 'Scooty'. We would roll around on our bed and pull himself along our blankets. My heart is broken and I hope Scooty and Andrew can play together when he crosses the rainbow!"

Another commented: "That is so beautiful. It made me cry."

Abernha3 explained that Little Andrew was 15 and a half and "loved everyone".

"[He] got old and sick over the last year. He purred every day of his life and when he lost that, I knew it was time."