Amy Schumer is so famous now that she seems to have been so for years, but in fact she only made the leap from stand-up to television and film in 2013. Now she's been paid something like $10 million to write her memoir, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, of which we have an extract, about, funnily enough, her views on money, getting rich and generally not being an assholem(her words, not mine).

From money to sex — or, more specifically, erotica — in the form of a new magazine just out that has been published by a Christchurch high school teacher. Laura Borrowdale was as surprised as anyone to find there was no outlet to publish high-quality erotica in New Zealand, so she did it herself.

And then: more sex, or as Tinder co-founder Sean Rad loftily insists in his interview this week about his dating start-up: "It's everything. It's marriage, it's relationships, it's friendships. It's anything that can come out of a connection between two people." Yeah, and sex, Sean.