Clearly not satisfied by a regular workout, this is the frightening moment a man with epic abdominal strength decided to up the anti by dangling from a cliff edge in Brazil.

The incredible picture shows 27-year-old Luiz Fernando Candeia hooked onto a ledge at Pedra Da Tartaruga using just his feet, and no safety gear or protection.

A riot police officer from Rio de Janeiro, Candeia asked a friend to use ropes to lower him over the edge, almost 100 metres above the ocean.

Demonstrating incredible core strength, Candeia told the Daily Mail he then pulled himself up without the rope to get into position.


"I was really scared about the rope breaking when I was getting into position.

"It even made me feel a little sick due to both the height I was at and my sudden fear of losing focus and strength.

"It was one of the few times that I was genuinely afraid of falling, to tell the truth.

"Even when I was holding onto the rope, it felt strange - like I could fall at any time."

After capturing his stunt on camera, his friend helped him climb back over the cliff.

"Because it was such a difficult photo to take, I'm really proud of hanging like that successfully and surviving," he said.